Weight Loss Takes Time & Effort

Finding a good lose weight program that works for you takes some time and effort. Fad diets will get results, but often those results are temporary and do not produce lasting benefits. In hunter-gatherer-weight loss diet Jokefact, fad diets may end up being more harmful to your body in the long run. Out of every 100 regular dieters, only one will maintain their weight loss for more than five years. In order to find a weight loss program that works, it helps to know why so many fail.

• Diets often feel like deprivation and punishment. If you look at a diet as a “sentence” then you will simply go back to your normal eating habits.

• Diets usually put the focus on food only. A 1995 Baylor University study shows that diets that focus only on reducing calorie intake are not as effective as those that incorporate exercise. Conversely, diets that focus just on exercise and do nothing to cut calorie intake are not effective either.

• Diets promote weight loss over fat loss. The ultimate goal of most diets is to get the weight off. While this is fine if you are looking for results, it will not produce long-term results. Weight loss incorporating fat loss means about 1 1/2 to 2 pounds weight loss per week. This is the recommended level of weight loss that will produce better long-term results.

• Diets don’t change habits. Most diets do not change the habits that contributed to the weight gain in the first place. If you want long-term sustained weight loss you need to change the way you eat. That doesn’t mean you have to banish all foods you like from your diet, just learn moderation.

Weight Loss Questions…

When looking for a lose weight program that will work for you, start by asking yourself a few questions:

• How much weight do you want to lose?
• Why do you want to lose weight?
• Are you looking for long-term weight loss?
• How committed are you to losing weight?

You’ll want to stay away from diets that claim “instant results” or significant weight loss within days or a week or two. Most of these diets simply are not healthy. Remember that any weight loss program requires commitment. Programs such Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig can be efficient for weight loss and generally meet dietary requirements.

Weight Loss Success Depends on…

However, success with these programs depends on your ability to stick with the program or a similar diet once you have reached your goal in order to maintain your weight loss. Weight Watchers point system is actually one of the more effective weight loss programs because it can be incorporated on a regular basis. This program also encourages exercise as part of the weight loss process.

The Mayo Clinic Diet is one that is often recommended by doctors. Before starting any type of diet program, it is important to consult your doctor. Your doctor is an excellent source for finding a weight loss program that will likely work for you.