WOD Type: “MetCon”

WOD Warm-Up:

  • Leg / Shoulder Mobility

WOD Particulars:

MetCon: 10 Hill Repeats at 3 Minute Intervals…

  • 2 Minutes Uphill @ 20# Vest
  • 1 Minute Downhill @ 20# Vest

Today’s WOD was a leg & knee beater. The hill is steep but appears like nothing on camera. But, I can say it hit me hard and was a great endurance/weightloss workout. Oh, and did I say it was pouring down rain? It sucked! I just got started up the first repeat and the sky just opened up. So, I was soaked really quick and figured it didn’t matter now, so just keep on doing repeats. By the time I hit 5 the rain stopped and made the last 5 bearable. Great workout despite the rain…

Book To Read:

Olympic Weightlifting By Greg Everett… Absolutely KICKASS!!!

Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches

419 pages that breaks down each move and adds all the supplemental exercises too. There is even a section that covers nutrition. I really like the content of the book. It covers Olympic Lifts and that’s it! Everything that will improve your snatch and your clean & jerk. You really need to pick up this book…

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