WOD Type: “Strength & EMOM”

WOD Warm-Up:

  • Leg / Shoulder Mobility

WOD Particulars:

Strength: Thrusters

  • 4 @ 95#
  • 4 @ 105#
  • 4 @ 115#
  • 4 @ 125#

EMOM: 10 Minutes of… (Speed Work)

  • 4 Thrusters @ 95#

MetCon: 10 Minute AMRAP of…

  • NA

Today’s WOD was pretty much just getting back to the gym. The carpel tunnel surgery is affecting me more than I thought it would. 56 total thrusters is a log to manage and the wrist and palm were really sore afterwards. Keep moving forward…

Book To Read:

Olympic Weightlifting By Greg Everett… Absolutely KICKASS!!!

Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches

419 pages that breaks down each move and adds all the supplemental exercises too. There is even a section that covers nutrition. I really like the content of the book. It covers Olympic Lifts and that’s it! Everything that will improve your snatch and your clean & jerk. You really need to pick up this book…

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