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Make your voice heard in this historical and incredibly courageous stand to help save the planet from almost certain destruction. I hope you are now realizing that our climate reality is heating up the earth at an alarming rate. Did you know that we have had record temperatures for 326 consecutive month’s now? If not, you need to start taking a look at what is really going on with our planet through the scientists eyes by reading Climate Reality Projects site. Just click the image below!


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Dear President Obama,

I support the EPA’s historic and courageous Carbon Climate Reality Pollution Standard — a move that would limit for the first time the carbon output from new power plants.

Carbon pollution is already altering our climate. The time for action is now. This rule is a crucial step toward limiting dangerous emissions and solving the climate crisis.

I applaud your efforts in this regard and urge you to finalize strong rules regulating new and existing sources of carbon pollution.


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The Climate Reality Project is a great way to help save our planet in need. If you think Carbon Pollution is a joke or think it’s made up, just decide to do nothing until. But when we increase the planets temperature by six degrees Celsius and have major problems with food and water, just know that you had the chance to help and did nothing!

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So, make your voice heard TODAY! Let’s change our climate reality…